Growing up in the epicenter of Hip Hop, the genre has always been deeply ingrained in Moses The Marauder's very existence. For the Brooklyn-born rapper, New York’s sound and culture serves as an outlet to express from within. Fresh out of high school, he moved to Chicago where he honed his craft, cultivated a fan base, and co-founded the rap collective, Closed Casket. Back home four years later, his lifelong affinity with the genre has manifested into Moses’ own unique amalgamation of gritty bars and mellifluous melodies. Lyrically heavy, his music delves into his own life stories, or the ones that surround him.

From initially penning his thoughts on paper, to spitting his very first bars at the age of 14, Moses The Marauder constantly found himself on a stoop either freestyling or rap battling with friends. Eventually it became clear to himself and his peers that his natural prowess in lyricism and flow was an avenue he had to further pursue, at all costs.