Growing up in the epicenter of hip-hop, the genre has always been deeply ingrained in Moses The Marauder's very existence. For the Brooklyn-born rapper, New York’s sound and culture serves as an outlet to express from within. In the process, it has helped him connect to a global audience of millions who similarly live and breathe the city’s music. Now residing in Chicago, Moses cites influences from an array of hip-hop royalty. Some of his earliest childhood influences include Eminem and Kanye West, however he’d later mature to appreciate the sounds of his own city, discovering groups such as Wu-Tang Clan, Pro Era, and Black Star. Some of his favorite solo artists also include Capital Steez, Mac Miller, and Nas. His lifelong affinity with the genre has now manifested into Moses’ own unique amalgamation of gritty, New York City rap. Throw in some strong hints of Acid Jazz and Alternative hip-hop, and you’ve got a formula that’s done well for Moses The Marauder. Lyrically heavy, his music delves into his own life stories, or the ones that surround him. He often draws on his blurry transition from childhood to manhood as a way to depict the development of an innocent mind toward a more corrupted one. With his relaxed, yet introspective and purposely spoken flow, showing signs of vocal prowess way beyond his years, Moses consistently stays true to his ethos of authenticity so that listeners can deeply relate to the emotions and perspectives that he portrays. During his upbringing on the East Coast, Moses credits his city as a cultural melting pot that highly influenced the artist he grew into. The day to day urban environment of graffiti artists, subway dancers, and musicians all allowed Moses to absorb creativity from every angle. “As a kid, my parents always encouraged me to be artistic, whether it was through acting, visual art or music. I briefly played the drums and violin, but drawing was always a staple in my artistry growing up. My dad was an actor and artist, my mom was an opera singer as well as a classical pianist, and my grandfather was a saxophone player. With so many musical influences from a young age, I was listening to anything from Louis Armstrong to Pink Floyd and Bach. It wasn’t just my family that influenced me though. In a place as diverse as New York, you hear a different culture’s music every time you travel between neighborhoods.The noise is inescapable, whether you pass by a blaring car radio or walk into a corner store.” Among all the sounds of the city though, it was always hip-hop that stood above the rest. From initially penning his thoughts on paper, to spitting his very first bars at the age of 14, Moses The Marauder constantly found himself on a stoop either freestyling or rap battling with friends. Eventually it became clear to himself and his peers that his natural prowess in lyricism and flow was an avenue he had to further pursue, at all costs. Tirelessly improving his craft, Moses never gave up; with his hard work resulting in the successful release of his 2020 debut album, 'Sidewalk Stories', which has already accrued over 300,000 online streams. Moses The Marauder is a member of the rap trio, “Stoop Kidz” alongside fellow artists Moffy and Jet Fighter Watson, who he met during his time at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens. The collective are now gearing up to drop their debut EP in the coming months. Additionally, Moses is also working on a collaborative project with Chicago-based producer, S.Rock and Milwaukee-based rapper, Kenny Morning Star. The untitled work is slated to drop later this fall.